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What To Do To Engage Your Audience on your New Facebook FanPage with Timeline

What To Do To Engage Your Audience on your New Facebook FanPage with TimelineThe Scramble to Get Your FanPage Up and Running Q-U-I-C-K

It’s been in the works a while, but as always with Facebook everything is hush hush until the day it goes LIVE and leaves people scrambling for answers to the question of ‘how to’ and what do I do now?

So Facebook has integrated Timeline into their FanPages and it’s caused a hub bub of excitement from here to the next universe – because we all know Facebook is taking over the next universe :)

But, the real question on all of the administrators minds’ (that’d be YOU) is ‘how do we get our FanPages to engage our customer base?

Well, here are some tips on how to engage your audience with your new Facebook Fanpage using the Timeline.

Where’s The Default Landing Page?

What To Do To Engage Your Audience on your New Facebook FanPage with TimelineFirst, things first.  There is no ‘default’ landing page, therefore if you’re with MLSP and you have a Facebook Fanpage with a default landing page, that’s no longer there.  You can’t ‘tell’ your customer where to go first, they now have the full monte experience when visiting your page so you gotta make it really good to begin with.  Engage them, enlist them to search for more and find out more about brand you, inc.  Here are some great references on how to create a cover page that your audience will not only appreciate but want to engage in by clicking on your posts, pictures and interesting commentary that you’ve presented.

For those of you who are MLSP’ers the button for the landing page that you had created is still there, it’s just under the cover picture.  If you didn’t add an icon for it, please do so.  To change that icon, go to your applications tab and change that particular application with an icon.  If you get confused, check in the back of your MLSP member area and Jim Fanale goes over this in some depth.  This particular option is available only to those who are MLSP Platinum Members.

TimeLine FanPage Cover Creation

Warrior Forum has a post here, it’s also an advertisement for FanPage Cover Page Creation (no I am not an affiliate for this link so don’t freak out if you think you’re being sold something, you’re not) yet very engaging because it gives you quality content and value – click HERE to read more

If you’re creating your own cover you’ll want to check this post out Here by Daniel McGraw of

Pinning Your TimelineWhat To Do To Engage Your Audience on your New Facebook FanPage with Timeline

One wonders if Pinterest and this Timeline with Facebook are not synonymous, I haven’t much looked into the incestuous behavior in social media with respect to the two, but I can honestly say I have a high suspicion that Pinterest and Facebook are one in the same.  Pinning things to your wall or your board is kind of like having a roaming Vision Board with you at all times.  With TimeLine you can pin happenings to your wall that will stay up there for a week and will never lose their place within the structure of the timeline.

For example, let’s say you launched a new product and wanted to pin that to the top of your page for a week.  Definitely can happen.  And, you don’t lose that ‘pin’ post within the timeline.  It’s put in the timeline and will carry on as a status post within the context of your fanpage.

Timeline organizes posts in a way that advocates the history of your FanPage as opposed to stacking posts one on top of the other to inevitably make the user ‘scroll’ forever to find what they may be looking for on your Fanpage.  Stories and posts are staggered to the right and left of the TimeLine…voila! How perfect to name it thus “TimeLine”.  Oh Facebook, you little mishoogana you.

When you look at the TimeLine you can see MORE  stories, pictures and ‘stuff’ about your FanPage that’s relevant, all at once instead of having that inevitably long loading time that you had before.  Pretty cool if I do say so myself, because it presents us with some nifty favorable circumstances.  **That loading time is especially evident  if you’re using a Droid Hotspot that works sporadically like mine – even though I live in the heart of Silicon Valley. There will be another post on that issue later.

Masonry Layout + Infinite Scrolling = Addiction to Scrolling through Timeline

I’ve read about the masonry layout + infinite scrolling and you know what that means, longer times on your site when you have some really good stuff to share.  People love to scroll.  It’s like the remote on the television, scrolling through channels, likewise, scrolling through your Facebook Fanpage Timline.  Scrolling is synonymous with gambling, you just never know what you’re going to get when you scroll, or what you’re going to see, read, or experience for that matter.

In this article about Pinterest, an analysis of why Facebook’s adoption of these two features in tandem (masonry layout + infinite scrolling) created an addictive browsing experience:

“It’s interesting to note that the Facebook News Feed, the epitome of website addiction, uses infinite scrolling. Further, the new Timeline pages now combine this technique with a two-column masonry style layout.”
Joshua Johnson,

The rest of this post is a copy of an email I received that inspired me to write this post and I’m very grateful I have the opportunity to re-post it to you and show you some awesome ways you’ll be able to create your Timeline on your FanPage with the “je na said quoi”  and “joie de vivre!” that you’re going to exude as a network marketing professional.

The rest of this post is located HERE

The most powerful and effective way that I have seen early adopters creating compelling content is by utilizing the highlighting, back-dating and milestone features of the new Timeline for Pages.

Highlighting a post will change it to a full-width format, rather than half-width like most stories. This is great if you are highlighting a photo or a video because they get much more room to shine.

Milestones are posts that highlight a moment or story in the history of your brand (or the world). You can add milestones to any point (date) in your Timeline. By default, milestones appear in the highlighted post format (wide).

Back-dating is essentially creating a milestone out of any previously published post, and these storied can be more than just images and text (learn more below).

How to create Timeline milestones

(Note: these screenshots are taken from the super-helpful Facebook Marketing Department’s video:

1. Create Milestone from your Timeline composer. The “composer” is the box where you can create a status update or milestone.

2. Specify date, and pick a photo. Milestones must include a photo, but a story and location are optional.

3. Save milestone to your Timeline. Now users can find this story in your Timeline navigation.

Backdating Timeline posts:
If you want to include other types of media (video, links, albums, etc) in a past post on your Timeline, you can create the post as a normal status update, not a milestone, and then change the date of the post in the composer.

Examples of Pages with Timeline History

The following Pages have already filled their Timelines with loads of interesting milestones that tell storied about their brands. You don’t necessarily have to be a company with 100 years of history to do this – you just have to get creative!


The New York Times Magazine

Today Show

Ford Motor Company




Use Timeline to lead your Fans to your new content

So you added a bunch of milestones to your Timeline… How will people know to go look there? Here are a few cool ways that some of the Pages mentioned above are letting their Fans know about the new Timeline feature:

The New York Times pinned this post to the top of their Timeline:

Macy’s had another good idea – they actually asked Fans to help with the Timeline population, asking them to upload memories they shared with the brand onto the Timeline:

Hopefully this has given you some ideas — now YOU tell us, what sort of milestones can you add to YOUR business Page Timeline?



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