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What do you know when you’re 18 years old?

New York City in January 1985

It was January of 1985 and I moved to New York City. I was 17 years old and I traveled first from beautiful La Jolla, California up to San Francisco and then to New York City where I would live for the next 11 years.

At 17 I was stretching my wings and what a stretch it was.  $50.00 was all I had to my name.  No more money would be coming to me and I was a bit scared.  Living in a welfare hotel in the middle of winter (January) I had to find a job and QUICK.  I had no time to spare.

my first job in new york cityMy First Job in New York City

Fast forward 6 months through many a trial and tribulation and when I turned 18 years old I landed my first job at DLJ, a.k.a. the now defunct Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette on the muni bond floor.

It was a thrill to be paid more than my age as a starting salary and the best part was that I got to dress up and wear nylons.  That was where all my money went!  Yes, Donna Karan Nylons.

My hours we long and arduous but I thrived on the thrill of being a part of what was just an ‘idea’ come to fruition and get sold on the open market as a money making vehicle.  The bond traders would say “Nic, you would make a great salesperson, get in on the ground and work your way up.”  I refused.  I was no slimy salesperson and I wouldn’t be someone no one liked.  At least that was my stuck up reference to sales people.

slimy sales peopleSlimy Sales People & Why Ego Caused me to Lose Out on An Opportunity of a LIFETIME

What I didn’t know would cause me to lose out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Imagine what I could have accomplished had I taken my ego out of the equation.  Even at 18 years old I had a huge ego that said,

“I’m really not good enough, but believe in me because I need you to validate my insecruties.”

Being 18 is never easy, but less so when you’re on your own in the middle of one of the harshest climates both mentally, emotionally, and physically.  So my career in the securities industry starts and what a ride it was….

Fast forward 26 years.   SHRREEEEEEEAAAAAKKKKKK….!!!! What have I become?

A salesperson?  No!  It could be!  How could that have happened?

I sell every single day.

I sell myself to my clients.

They in turn, believe in me.

“We are all in sales whether we like it or not” was what I learned at a very early age.  And I really didn’t like it because I was told growing up that sales people were slimy.  Little did the people who were influencing me know that sales people are the highest paid on the planet!!

No, you can’t pick your family, but you can definitely pick your mentors; choose wisely and listen with intent.

Selling YourselfNew York City 1985

We have to sell ourselves, our products, our passions, our ideas, our love of something or someone.  At the very core of everything we are looking for validation of who we are and by identifiying who we are through others we inevitably sell ourselves and our products to those who resonate with us based on what we do, where we go, how we live, what we believe.

Obviously you subscribed to my information because you resonate with ME.

I’m going to share something with you that will resonate with you even more.  Join my MLSP Team here and learn how to sell your product(s).  Learn from the mentors who are making a lot more money than you could imagine!


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