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Swimming With Sharks: The Rules Of Feeding

If you have integrity, nothing else matters.  If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters. – Harvey McKay

Empower Network Feeding FrenzyA Feeding Frenzy

During a webinar on Saturday night (11/19) with David Wood of The Empower Network, he again stated to all of us on the line that “the [merchant account] applications are getting approved overnight.”

So I took to the Facebook Group Page of Lawrence Tam’s 100% Commission Mastermind with this comment,

“What? What are you smokin’ David Wood? Who’s getting approved? I’ve waited 3 weeks for an approval and a call back from Clay King. B.S. you’ll get approved!”

Rule #1: If you’re going to challenge a shark, don’t become the bait

That one comment ignited a feeding frenzy!  There were a teeth load of comments about my venting about the Leader’s inability to provide what he had said he would:

Swim With The Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive[sic]“To Provide an answer (either approval or dis-approval) of the merchant application that we submit within 24 hours.”

When I challenged the Leader to come through on his word, it only took a couple of minutes and a bunch of sharks were feeding on the bait, which happened to be ME!

Rule #2: Don’t attract the sharks if you don’t want to be eaten alive

           (being the bait sucks!)

Here’s what I observed about people who follow the Leader.  They’ll defend their fearless Leader because they are showing them “the way.”  In this case it’s the way to make money pretty darned fast too.

It’s their investment in that leader, otherwise known as $$ hard earned cash, that creates their loyalty.  If you don’t invest in the product, you’re not a loyal follower.  We all invested.  As a loyal follower I only wanted what was promised to me:

Get my merchant account application approved or dis-approved within 24 hours.

Communicate effectively and with integrity and let me know why my account applications – yes, that’s plural- are ‘just sitting there’ as one of the customer service representatives put it, ‘waiting for Clay King’ (a.k.a. David Wood’s “Go To Guy” at FDIS) to do something with it.

After having been eaten alive I decided to be a “sporty piece of bait” and retreat.Lawrence Tam's 100% Commission

Why?  Because my battle isn’t with the other sharks, they don’t have anything to do with why my account is or is not being approved.  It’s with David Wood and because this mastermind group is focused on finding answers – actually more giving them – I figured David Wood would look at my comment.

Hindsight is always 20/20:  Don’t assume (ass-u-me)!

This is Lawrence Tam’s Group, not David Wood’s Group.  I’d best be moving along now because I believe I’m attracting the wrong attention.

Rule #3: Bait is as bait does

When bait is on the hook it tries to fight the big fish, but the big fish will always win.  That’s why it’s called bait.

Big fish won’t listen to you if you have a problem, they’ll only listen to you when you have a solution to the problem.  Unfortunately, the solution in this particular instance was to shut up and get eaten alive.  Because I have no control over the people who decide when and if it’s ok to approve my merchant account.

Rule #4:  Disoriented Fish shouldn’t be swimming with sharksEmpower Network Commentary on Facebook

When posting in Facebook or anywhere else for that matter, there’s always one fish who’s just a bit disoriented and makes a comment as though they are solidifying their stance by taking a bite out of you; the bait.

The comments you’ll receive aren’t directed at you personally, because you’re bait remember; you’re just food.  They’re directed to the feeding frenzy, because once it starts, it’s hard to stop.

The fish who doesn’t read your comment in its’ entirety and doesn’t look at all angles before they start feeding – you know, like what’s the best angle to attack – will just lurch out and take a bite without first reading for ‘sense’.   This is the A.D.D. Fish who’s decided their comment is worth posting because everyone should know the correct A.D.D. response for all of the other A.D.D. fish they may have befriended in the feeding frenzy

This is typical and honestly has nothing to do with you personally it has all to do with the fish who doesn’t read.

On dry land it’s called A.D.D.  or Attention Deficit Disorder – a.k.a., not being able to focus.  I believe in the sea it’s called disorientation.  Based on my limited, but thorough fishing experience, those fish usually get caught and eaten.

Rule #5: Shark Integrity -  A promise is a promise

David WoodDavid Wood continues to make a promise that I’ve found not to be true, in my particular case.

Yes, some of us will slip through the cracks and some of us will have a bit of a struggle.

This is a new feeding ground and it’s been picked over for almost a month now and there’s more sharks coming in to feed every day – to the tune of about 500.

That’s a lot of chum for all the sharks out there.

On a Side**Note:  There’s more chum my friends.  It’s just the beginning of the feeding frenzy.  Relax.  You have time to get in to The EmpowerNetwork.  And, for all of you reading this post thinking “wow, what does she have in her craw? I don’t, this is an incredible opportunity and there’s a way around this whole merchant account thing.

I’m still awaiting a response from this guy Clay King or his boss Stephen Hoffmeister, whom I’ve contacted multiple times.

Upon reading on David Wood’s Empower Network site that [merchant account] applications were being processed and approved basically the same day, I figured he  was telling the truth.  Everyone else was getting approved; why would my account application be any different.

David Wood, a master sales person with 90% conversion rates will not lie to you, his reputation is on the line.  So, when I read, [sic] “we can get you approved within 24 hours and you’ll have your merchant account up and running and ready to do business with the  EN” I honored his word as truth and trusted his knowledge.

3 weeks later I wait for a merchant account.  Not hearing approval or disapproval.  Just knowing every time I have called customer service I am told [sic] “…the application is still sitting in the que waiting to be processed.”

I may be making a big deal out of nothing, seeing that we are now able to use PayPal as a ‘merchant’ account until FDIS get’s their sh*t together.  So, is this post really worth it?  Yeah, I wanted to vent and I figure at some point David Wood will see this and read it for ‘sense’.  Albeit, I can’t ass-ume anything.

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