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Merchant Problems with Empower Network

Where’s My Merchant Account?

david woodI’ve had so many people ask me what the heck is going on with the merchant accounts in Europe and Canada?

Well, here’s the scoop – I’ve made a short video to give you a better indication of WHY you can’t get your merchant account.

What’s Up With Empower Networker?

Yes, EN has a lot to do with it.  But, more, the country in which you live, the rules about home based business, merchant accounts and how sole proprietors are treated in relation to setting up merchant accounts vs. having a business account are the main reasons why you can’t seem to get a merchant account with EN.

Remember, EN isn’t approving these accounts.  FDIS is the merchant provider and as it stands, we (as a community) have had to deal with a guy named Clay King and his boss Stephen Hoffmeister who have basically dropped the ball when it comes to processing merchant accounts online.

FDIS & Merchant Accounts

empower networkHere’s the good news:  ANY MERCHANT ACCOUNT SET UP WITH FDIS CAN BE USED WITH EN.

BIG NEWS HERE!!  If you haven’t put in an application, I would say don’t click on the link David Wood has given to you in his information guide.

An Answer To Your Problem

** Instead go to Joe Sestito and let him know Nicole Jolie and Vicki Berry referred you.  He’ll process your application quickly and he’ll let you know if there are or will be any problems with approval.  Yes, he’ll actually call you and email you back.  He’s polite, professional and ever so speedy when it comes to getting back to you.  Joe’s information is here:

Joe Sestito
First Data Sales
508-226-1333 Office
508-455-2685 Fax
877-274-7915 Customer Support

Here’s a Perk!

For those of you who are with Vicki Berry and Nicole Jolie’s Team we are able to process applications directly for you.

empower networkPing us an email and let us know you want us to process your application for you and we’ll do it!!  Yeah, it’s good to be a part of our Team!

As an aside, here’s a new post by David and Dave that will help those of you outside of the US and in Canada at least process accounts and get your customer base movin’ and shakin’ in the right direction.

The Best Way To Get In On The Ground Floor

This is an excellent opportunity (e.g., The EmpowerNetwork) STILL even if you’ve had some hiccups along the way.  Nothing is perfect in the beginning.

empower networkHaven’t you always wanted “in” on the ground floor of something so amazing and new?  (like Apple for example?)

Here’s the gig, it’s not always perfect on the ground floor.  There’s a lot of shifting of soil and the concrete hasn’t been laid yet.

What Will David Wood Sacrifice?  Nada

David Wood isn’t going to sacrifice his reputation and his millions of dollars by making a big mistake with his followers – he’s also not going to give up the luxury of purchasing jewelry for his wife or taking her to Fiji on a whim.

He’s doing the best he can on creating a better community that we can all make money with and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Enjoy this video here, I hope this answers some questions.

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