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Facebook Timeline for Brands: This is HUGE

Facebook Timeline for Brands: This is HUGEHow Will You

     Flaunt Your FanPage Timeline?

You heard it all over the web and the social media bar and grill, like toothpaste to the mirror it’s now stuck on Facebook users and it’s called Facebook Timeline.

Well now, Facebook has a new Timeline for Fanpages that have been created and will be created by artists, writers, businesses, corporations and network marketing professionals too (just to name a few).  Woo Woo Woo….

This is very cool, because it allows us to create our fanpages with some flair, some je na sais quoi, if you will.

  • So, how will you flaunt your FanPage TimeLine?

Facebook Timeline for Brands: This is HUGEEvery Picture Tells A Story

Now your network marketing business has a history and that shows solid development to others.  For those network marketing professionals who insist that plastering their affiliate links everywhere, so that everyone doesn’t click on them,  the new Timeline will force them to add value to their FanPage.  I’ve learned, plastering my affiliate link doesn’t get me anywhere and hasn’t gotten me anywhere and people just don’t care.  Now, this video and blog post may help me boost my notoriety in Facebook Land as a ‘person of interest’.

Timeline allows people to engage and tell a story even if you’re not very good at telling stories.  This makes it engaging to those who are interested in YOU.  For big brands like Burberry, McDonald’s, Coke, Facebook Timeline for Brands: This is HUGEPepsi, etc. this move is strategic to getting these companies to develop trust with the over 800 million users currently on Facebook.  Trust is a huge factor in this industry, as you well know.  What conference have you gone to where “Know Like and Trust” isn’t the first point referenced in relating to your potential market?  Well, if you haven’t gone to a conference YET, then get to NESIII and you’ll learn a great deal more about such things, bug I digress.  (Click HERE to get to NESIII)

What Are People Looking For?

     ….ask yourself the same question

We are all searching for entertainment.  We love entertainment and Facebook Timelines entertain people.  They can find out more about you by finding out more about your past via the pictures you post.  Mashable quotes Dr. John Medina here when talking about what people are most interested in and how they learn.

According to Dr. John Medina’s book Brain Rules, vision is our most powerful sense, and “we learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words.” This helps explain the popularity ofinfographics, photo apps like Instagram and visual blog platforms like Tumblr. We increasingly consume information through photos, from browsing friends’ Facebook albums to mobile Twitpics. Accordingly, Facebook has made photos a main focus of the new Timeline profile.

So how you tell your story of your network marketing business, what you say, how you say it, will all be a bit easier to understand for your fanbase you’ve accumulated in your new TimeLine because people can see a progressive approach to your business.

800 Million Users?  Yes, Virginia, enough for everyone

So, how do you gather subscribers and fans?  Well, you can start using Facebook PPC.  800 million users are searching the internet daily.  Some of those 800 million users may be interested in what you have to offer.  But first you have to ask yourself, what do I have that can add value to their lives?

There are numerous ways to gather fans on Facebook.  You can advertise using PPC, or you can start some crazy trend, or you can post a viral video, or write a viral blog post.  There’s lots of ways to get people to pay attention to you, as Andy Warhol says, “…everyone has their 15 minutes of fame.”  Some have it daily, some experience it once in a lifetime.  Either way, you’ll be hard pressed not to get the new Timeline on your FanPage toosweet – that means F.A.S.T.

For more information on creating Fanpages check this out HERE.

If you found this blog post HELPFUL, then post below!  I want to hear from you.




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